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Mirabilis - A Carnival of Cryptozoology and Unnatural History

Mirabilis - A Carnival of Cryptozoology and Unnatural History

Mirabilis - A Carnival of Cryptozoology and Unnatural History (Anomalist Books: San Antonio, 2013); ISBN 978-1-938398-05-6. Pb, illustrated throughout, 194 pp. UK 11.50

Available in both hard-copy paperback and Kindle e-book format from Amazon.com , from Amazon.co.uk , from all good bookstores, and directly from the publisher, Anomalist Books, in quantities at: www.AnomalistBooks.com.

Welcome to a carnival unlike anything that you have ever read about, visited, or even imagined before. Here, before your very eyes, you will encounter bizarre, anomalous creatures of every conceivable (and inconceivable!) kind a veritable menagerie of cryptozoological mysteries to dazzle and delight, tantalise and terrify. For this is Mirabilis a realm of marvels, wonders, miracles...and monsters!

Peer through the shadows and see what you may. Was that scuttling horror a spider the size of a puppy, did that fallen tree trunk suddenly sprout a pair of alligator jaws, was that a living toad that leapt out of that split-asunder block of stone, and did those flowers abruptly put forth wings and fly away as tiny birds?

Behold Trunko, the hairy marine elephant-bear that supposedly battled whales off the coast of South Africa almost a century ago. Look around in every direction and witness the very last giant lemurs brought to you from the rainforests of Madagascar, the very same unicorn that was once encountered by Julius Caesar, dinosaur-sized crocodiles from the swamps of the Congo, the elephantine harpoon-tusked sukotyro of Sumatra, gargantuan prehistoric beavers resurrected in modern-day North America, illusive Germanic horned hares and elusive Liberian micro-squirrels, a giant sea snail with antlers and paws from the Sarmatian Sea and a veritable whale-fish from a forgotten Swedish lake, a vanished striped mystery steed from Iberia, enormous toothless freshwater sharks from South America, flying turtles from China and a hippoturtleox from Tibet, sea dragons and pseudo-pterodactyls, and the world's only known tusked megalopedus.

Let us not tarry even a moment longer. The miracles and marvels of Mirabilis await you impatiently inside, to scintillate, spellbind, and stultify your senses. So I bid you welcome, and pray that your visit to my carnival of cryptozoology and unnatural history will be entertaining...and not too perilous!

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