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Fortean Times Weird Year 1996

Fortean Times Weird Year 1996

Fortean Times Weird Year 1996 (Fortean Times/John Brown Publishing Ltd: London, 1996; ISBN 1-870870-83-2). Edited by Joe McNally and James Wallis. Contributors: Bob, Rickard, Paul Sieveking, Steve Moore, William P. Barrett, Martin Cannon, Bill Ellis, Hunt Emerson, Ted Harrison, Dave Langford, Jenny Randles, Dr Karl Shuker, Ian Simmons. Pb, 128 pp, colour and b/w pictures. Available from the publishers and all good bookshops.

This fascinating compendium book reproduces reports (in their original format and with their original accompanying illustrations) of mysterious phenomena from 1996 that were published in the monthly British magazine Fortean Times during that year. 1996 was the year that brought the world such wonders and inexplicabilia as holy aubergines, a bat-winged sex dwarf from Zanzibar called the popobawa, the curse of Superman, Christ's shirt on display, alien structures on the moon, the chupacabra, a Brazilian UFO smash, Motorboatosaurus, and much, much more! It also includes a series of specially-commissioned features by a panel of celebrated Fortean contributors, chronicling a number of unexplained mysteries and Fortean subjects that gained considerable media coverage during this momentous year - including the Mongolian death worm, documented here by Dr Karl Shuker.

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