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Mysteries of the Deep: Amazing Phenomena In Our World's Waterways

Mysteries of the Deep

Mysteries of the Deep: Amazing Phenomena In Our World's Waterways (Llewellyn: St Paul, Minnesota, 1998; ISBN 1-56718-260-7). Compiled and edited by Frank Spaeth from the files of FATE Magazine. Contributors include Dr Karl P.N. Shuker. Pb, 242 pp, b/w pics, index. Available from the publisher and all good bookshops.

In 2001, a hardback edition, retitled Mysteries and Monsters of the Sea: True Stories From the Files of FATE Magazine, was published by Gramercy Books (New York). ISBN 0-517-16349-7

Thinking of going deep sea fishing? You'll think again after you read Mysteries of the Deep, a compilation of the best sea stories from the past 47 years of FATE Magazine. From Atlantis to the Bermuda Triangle, from the Loch Ness Monster to giant jellyfishes, you'll find more than a few reasons to stay out of the water. The reports presented here come from the personal experiences of the average citizen as well as the detailed investigations of well-known authors such as Martin Caidin, Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker, Jerome Clark, and Ivan T. Sanderson.

Now, from the safety of your beach chair, you can enjoy the best accounts of sea serpents, lake monsters, merfolk, ghost ships, mysterious shipwrecks, the search for ancient vessels, cities under the sea, and many other oceanic oddities.

Contributors: Jon Erik Beckjord, George M. Behe, Ruth Bennett, Harvey Berman, Margaret Lougee Bowers, Howard H. Brisbane, Martin Caidin, Jerome Clark, Barbara Falk, Paul Foght, Michael Goss, Jared Hamilton, Frank Joseph, Edward Brian McCleary, Frank Madigan, C.J. Marrow, John Miller, William L. Moore, Robert J.M. Rickard, William G. Roll, George X. Sand, Ivan T. Sanderson, Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker, Neil Slocum, Betty Lou White.

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