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Guinness World Records - Amazing Animals 2018

Guinness World Records - Amazing Animals 2018

Guinness World Records - Amazing Animals 2018 (Guinness: London, 2017) ISBN 978-1-910561-61-4. Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday, Consultant Dr Karl Shuker. Pb, 354 pp (also available as Kindle e-book), illustrated in full colour throughout. Available directly from the publisher, as well as from Amazon.com , from Amazon.co.uk , and all other good bookstores.

Amazing animals - the fastest, tallest, strongest, strangest, coolest, most awesome animals in the world! Whether it's a selfie-taking monkey, a skateboarding dog, a weasel flying on a woodpecker, surfing pigs, talking gorillas, the world's largest elephant orchestra, a dog who thinks he's Picasso, or a bunny who plays basketball, the world can't get enough of crazy animal stories, and Guinness World Records - Amazing Animals 2018 provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the incredible creatures that steal our hearts! What's inside? Animal superheroes, social media stars, peculiar pets, cute critters, wacky wildlife, and much more! And if it's activities that you want, you're in for a treat! Create your very own record-breaking animal with our online game, or try making an origami zoo! Test your wildlife knowledge with fun quizzes and puzzles, and find out if your pet is a secret Einstein with our exclusive IQ tests. Also containing hundreds of spectacular full-colour photographs, this fantastic, action-packed book will be a hit with children and animal lovers of all ages! So, for a superlative showcase of the world's greatest creatures - and a few LOLs along the way - get your paws on Amazing Animals 2018 now!

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